Sunday, 15 September 2013

Am I an adult?

So I'm finally here, after all the stress all the panic all the exams and revision and packing.... yeah. U N I V E R S I T Y. I'm all unpacked, kitchen is done, photos up and now I've finally had a second to sit down and it's suddenly just hit me how strange all this is. After 18 years of living in one house in one small town I'm in a bigger town about 3 hours away living in student halls, strangely with 6 other girls when I think I would have preferred a mixed flat but on the plus side every seems lovely, tidy, and most importantly, not about to nick my food. I've had the tearful goodbye with mum, the texts and photos sent to my friends about what it all looks like and the 'hellos' and 'where and you froms' with everyone in the flat.
Freshers is supposed to be the best week, or two weeks in my case, of your life and I have everything crossed that it will live up to expectation, I cannot wait to get out there and take those first tottering steps away from a child into being an *ahem* responsible adult.
Topshop cami
American Apparel leggings
Michael Kors Rose Gold watch
Messy room courtesy of official student

Friday, 28 June 2013

Have you done your good deed for the day?

Aloha! My question to you is have you done a good deed today? How about yesterday or this week? No? Well fear not, your good karma could be on its way if you do a lovely thing for me and vote for me to go for two weeks travelling round New Zealand! Very simple, go to the Contiki page and press next to my name GEORGIA MURRAY and that's it! 

Make my dream come true pleeease you have no idea how much this would mean to me! Thank you in advance! XO

Sunday, 9 December 2012

DIY Christmas Crafty Presents Part 3

I mentioned on my last post but now I want to tell you in a bit more depth about one of their items, the Tesco Photobook. Now when you think of a photo book, you probably think of personal, printed photo album. And while you can use the Photobook builder for that (which would also make a pretty nifty gift), I used it to create my own recipe book.

01. When you go onto the photo books tab you'll see three options of design; Easy Builder, Advanced Builder and Photobook Creator, of which I used the creator option.
02. You then download and install their free Photobook programme which opens to kind of resemble and work similarly to Microsoft Word- simple, easy and clear.
03. Then you can start to build your book. Think of a name and a theme, mine was cupcakes and desserts but you can do anything you want. All the photos used apart from on the front cover are my own cakes which I made, decorated and photographed for the book. If you haven't got enough time/patience to do that then just search for your favourite recipes online and use pictures from there.
04. The detail of the book takes a bit of time but not because it's difficult, just because there is so many options to choose from! There's a library of backgrounds and clipart pictures which are brilliant, a range of fonts, sizes, colours, anything you could want.
05. Once you're done you can have your book sent to a nearby Tesco store or to your house and are the perfect gift for any food lover or if you just want to keep all the recipes you cook with in a nice place. I don't think I can rave enough about this, I was a little unsure how the quality would come out with the pictures since I didn't use a a top of the range camera or anything but I was ridiculously pleased with how it turned out.

If you have any more questions about this or my own book then email/tweet/leave a comment and I'll get back to you! Also, until the 16th December with the code XMASBOOKS you can get a second one free= more money saving= more money left to spend after Christmas in the sales. If that isn't win win I don't know what is.

DIY Christmas Crafty Presents Part 2

A great site for unique and personal gifts is where there is literally a plethora of different gifts you can make for people. Phone and laptop skins with your own photos on, canvas prints, notepads, diaries, clocks, calenders..... literally everything you can think of which can be personalised to however you want. I previously ordered a photo book from tesco photo (more on that next post!) and was honestly so pleased with the quality of it, so if that reflects the printing quality on their other items then you're definitely in safe hands. 

The instructions are really simple and easy to follow and you know with a company like Tesco you're getting good quality at a good price. The range of things you can print on is mad, there literally is something for everything and would make ideal gifts for those who have everything.


Thursday, 6 December 2012

DIY Christmas Crafty Presents Part 1

It's so easy nowadays to run to the shops and fill your basket with Christmas presents for people, and to be honest I don't really like that. I really think a present should have thought put into it and worrying about spending too much money at Christmas can be completely avoided through lovely, personal gifts. So first up on my prezzie guide is a cookie mix that you give as a really versatile gift to friends or family. 

Cookie Jar 
*For note, this isn't my picture, just my inspiration*
01. Go to your nearest Wilkinsons and pick up one of their jars. Mine isn't the one in the finished picture but for £3 or less you can get really nice vintage feel clip top storage jars which are perfect for this 
02. Stop in at hobbycraft (literally my fave place in the world) or any crafy place and get two different pieces of nice card, perhaps textured, for your recipe to go on. You might want to get some ribbon to decorate it or a cookie cutter or two to attach to the jar
03. Last stop is any food shop. You can either buy a dried cookie mix like the Betty Crocker one or if you're feeling clever, the dried ingredients to a cookie recipe you may already have.
04. Now for the fun part. Whack the ingredients in the jar and add your ribbon or any decoration you may want. Cut your paper/card so that there is a smaller rectangle on a large rectangle. Write in your best handwriting what your gift recipient needs to do to make their cookies (either follow the directions from the packet mix or if your own recipe, all of the wet ingredient steps)
05. Hole punch one hole through the reciepe and tie some ribbon through it and round the jar.
06. And you're done! Personal and easy present for under a fiver. Why run around the shops fighting off others to get that pre-packaged biscuit box for your nan when you can set aside an hour or so to do this; much more fun, much less stressful.

I've got a few more of these type of posts planned so let me know if you like them!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

We meet again

As per usual I've been a bit very MIA, I love reading blogs but getting round to writing stuff is such an effort when 6th form dump real exams, mock exams, ucas, coursework...... Yeah. Not so fun, soo I thought I'd do a quick fire update:

01. After much crying/frustration/anger my UCAS was finally sent off, and to my amazement I got all my replies within less than a week which was amazing! Finally feels like I'm getting somewhere. If anyone else is applying for Public Relations in Bournemouth, Leeds met or uclan let me know!
02. My room is slowly being re-done so I've been collecting loads of ideas and inspiration for when its done. I'm going for white walls as my room is pretty small so I wanted something fresh and bright, and then vintagey kind of accents, like bunting across the wall above my bed. Unfortunately I'm living in my brothers old room until it's all done...
03. Hattie the guinea pig has officially moved indoors and is a room pig, if you don't know about guinea pigs you need to educate yourself on their cuteness!
04. My driving test is in two weeks and I'm not ready.
05. Being a poor student means I can't really splash the cash at any time of year and so Christmas is always a tad difficult! I have the kind of family who have everything already so I love making things so that its a bit special. So I've been thinking of ideas and planning all that so hopefully soon I'll have up a few easy DIY present ideas!
06. And I have such a love/hate relationship with working in retail over Christmas, it's the best feeling when you help people and they're appreciative but it majorly sucks when people think they can be rude to you even when you've gone beyond everything you have to do to try and help them, and they still have the cheek to insult you. Not cool guys.

Room Inspo.

UCAS offer!

Heya Hattie


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Essential Christmas Outfits

I don't know about you but in between buying presents, working, cooking (then eating...) and decorating, I can hardly spare a minute to plan what I'm going to be wearing over Christmas. So when Barratts contacted me about their blogger comp to style up some shoes for the Christmas season I knew I had to do it! Each outfit is for a different occasion, when you're xmas shopping, the party, the winter walk and Christmas day itself.
Picking these wedge ankle boots was a no-brainer, I'm used to seeing this style in black but there's no better way to perk up an outfit than with a bit of colour and these are just to die for. The shape of the dress looks really flattering and I bet it will cover any food babys that appear from eating the whole tin of Roses (is that just me?). Annoyingly, I don't think I really suit these style of hats but I still love them, puts a nice laid back feel to an outfit but that horse belt from Matalan is for sure on my Christmas list, such a bargain for £1.50!
I'm one of those people that are always ridiculously cold so not wrapping up in winter is not even an option for me! Fallen in love with this Matalan coat which looks so much more expensive than it is with the cute fur collar. Hat and gloves are a necessity, as is the classic Christmas jumper with obligatory animal design. The wellies look so snug with the knitted detail at the top and could easily pass as designer, (*cough* hunters *cough*) but at a much more reasonable £20.

Christmas shopping
When Christmas shopping I want to be able to freely move, have a bag big enough for all my shopping and shoes that won't kill me so this outfit is definitely a winner on that. Topshop Leigh jeans are so stretchy and comfortable that they feel like leggings and are my go-to jeans at the moment. I like that these ankle boots have a slight heel as sometimes I find walking in completely flat shoes hurts my ankles and back and I love the stud detail at the back to match the bag.  

I absolutely love these JC style shoes and the sparkly finish is perfect for taking you from the Christmas party to the news years eve party, and for £35 I think they're amazing value! This Matalan clutch is a steal at £4 and is big enough to fit in a large style purse (think the standard River Island design) meaning you won't have to rummage for your pennies as you can just whack your purse in and go! And don't get me started on Jones & Jones dresses, I want every style in every colour; v. tempted to get this one now!

You can see the full details of where everything is from and its price by looking at my Polyvore account. What do you think of my picks, have you started to plan your outfits yet or are you more spontaneous? And if you fancy giving this a go and being in with a chance to win £70 to spend in Barratts then be sure to post a link from your blog with how you'd style a pair of Barrats shoes for Christmas, to Kel Love's blog.


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Christmas challenge

I've decided that for once I will be organised this Christmas, and what better way to start to organise ideas than to enter the competition. These 5 presents are all under £35 and are all pretty adaptable which is helpful when you just know there's going to be someone you have to give a present to very last minute! 

1- Benefit 'How to look the best at everything box'- £24.50
Brill for mates, mums, aunts or just a treat for youself, this set comes with the hello flawless oxygen wow foundation, the POREfessional, two boi-ing concealers and the hello flawless concealer. 
2- Yankee candle in Christmas Cookie- £17.99 for large
Candles are a christmas essential and this one smells like a dream
3- Matalan knife and fork clock- £14.99
Perhaps not the classic christmas gift, but instead of giving the obvious gift of food to a foodie, how about this kitchen clock to take pride of place
4- BHS chilli vodka challenge- £16.00
Brothers are notoriously difficult to buy for, especially, if like mine, yours is a typical student. I can imagine this being a great way for him and his housemates to prepare for a night out
5- Accessorize furl stole- £22
Judging by the weather now, we're going to have a pretty cold winter but with this fur stole the harsh winds will be a little more bearable. 

What do you think of my picks, has it given you any inspiration?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer bucket list

I'm really into making lists, I have no idea why but as someone who isn't very organised writing a list is as organised as I get. So I thought I'd make one so I could get down all the things I want to do over the summer and hopefully by September everything will be checked off.

Sort room out
Finish EPQ
Make holiday scrap book
Start/finish driving lessons
Research more unis
Book more uni open days
Save money
Read all thirty shades books
Do as much of advanced sales advisor book as possible
Get a level results and cry/party
Go to London shopping
Give lotte her camera back
Maintain my tan/sunbed/spray tan etc
Get lots of clothes
Get organised
Meet someone
Spend lots of time with the pigs
Take lots of pictures of the pigs
Work out more
Go swimming every week
Find out about gosling tennis
Get everything in shopping list
Get top of ear pierced

What's your summer agenda?


Got this black skater style skirt and floral blouse from Topshop with my uniform allowance and I'm in loooove with both. Since the weather is so up and down I wanted something that could be summery or would be fine in the autumn and I think these fit the bill.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Goodbye or just bye for now

I haven't posted in a while and I guess I haven't been completely honest on here, or more to the point I just did what I do with everyone and just missed out a lot of stuff. For quite a long time now I've been really suffering with my confidence in the way I look and who I am and that combined with a lot of other stuff im not ready to broadcast has lead to a mild depression. I say mild because I know already that I'm going to fight this with everything I can as it really is a downwards spiral and the quicker I can pick myself up enough to not be in danger I'll feel a lot better. I guess it's something still quite taboo and laughable for a lot of people but I wouldn't wish the despair you feel on anyone. So whether this goodbye from me as the blogger or just bye for now I don't know, but I don't feel like I can write in here until I can stop hating myself really. X

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Middle of the week treat: Topshop

I'm freeeee at last, goodbye exams! So obviously to celebrate a small amount of shopping is in order. There's a few Topshop bits I'm lusting over atm including some other things that annoyingly aren't on the Topshop website but I've seen in store *le sigh*. I also get uniform so 60% off three pieces so I won't really have to spend anything which is a bonus! This is little lot is what's on the current list, I would link the item but blogging on the iPad is a pile of poop, does anyone know of any good apps to do it on?
Adonis boots
Navy Blazer
Acid Leigh Jeans
Pink Shorts
Pink Skirt
Watermelon Blazer

What's your fave?

Monday, 28 May 2012

Working at Topshop

Thought I'd do a little post for those interested in working in retail at all and give any little tips that I've learnt. I started in Topshop after doing a weeks work experience there when I was in year ten at school so I'd just turned 15. A lot of other people my age did it there that summer but I was lucky enough to be the one asked if I'd like to stay on and work there, which of course I did! The store I'm in is really quite small and there's about 12 of us who work there.
If you're interested in working in Topshop or any other shop, I'd say the best time to give your CV in would be mid to late July even if there is no sign up saying they are recruiting as often we don't advertise. A lot of people would be going off to uni in the September so it allows the manager to look through CVs and decide who they want. For Topshop, you'd look best if you wear something 'fashiony' and perhaps a key Topshop item as you want to look like you'd fit into the business. Ask on the tills if you can give it in and try and have a quick chat with them so they remember you.
If you get the job, there's some key parts of your role as a sales advisor. In the smaller branches your job would change per hour, usually on tills, at the fitting room, on front cover or general tidy. Other stores might specifically have people on shoes as well, and people are often out back tagging and hanging delivery as it comes.
Throughout all your jobs, the main thing is to be happy and approachable, to go completely out of your way to help the customer and make them feel special. You also get asked a lot about clothes, the way things come up in sizes, what looks best on someone and key trends but they're all things you just learn as you go, I was completely clueless when I started at Topshop! I don't think I owned a single item and couldn't tell you the latest trends or anything, but it's honestly something you just pick up.
The best things about working for Topshop is definitely the pay and discount! Even though I'm under 18 I get adult rate of pay and you get 25% off at all Arcadia stores- Topshop, top man, miss selfridge etc etc. Everyone in our store gets on so well, people often ask if it's bitchy but it honestly isn't, we often all go out for meals and get birthday presents and it's such a fun environment to work in!

If you want any extra info on Topshop jobs then let me know, but if you're considering a job then it's deff worth having a look at Topshop.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

American flag nails

Another nail post in afraid, one more week of exams and then I can actually start doing decent posts and outfits! I had a really good reaction after sharing my daisy print nails the other day so thought I'd better let you know that I haven't fallen off the face of the planet and give you a nail update at the same time!
I've been having a good stalk through instagram and saving all the nails I want to try so here's a selection of ones I'll attempt soon (after the first three flag ones which are my lame attempt!)
Hope you're all well and enjoying the sun, I'm soooo frazzled haha!